Travelling, reading, photography and sketching are important daily practices to me, and they are bridges to ‘think different’ which seems normal but easily unforgotten by most people including me, as we always think if we don’t obey the rules in society, we will be poorer, lonely and unhappy. ‘Think different’ like what Apple has been doing, or ‘think outside the box’ opens the door for one to explore more possibilities, mindsets and perspectives, that you should seek other ways rather than judge yourself as failure.

I am also inspired by the quote ‘If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will.’ in Essentialism written by Greg McKeown. Besides exploration of the world, inner self is also important! For most people, self is selfish but I would say this is a myth! Through understanding self, I keep asking what is important to me while it’s not. I realize more doesn’t mean better but the less. Stop the meaningless and endless comparison to others. Mostly importantly, you will have more control on your life and become less dependent on others.

Do feel free to talk with me through himalbum@gmail.com if you have any questions or want to say hello to me!