Begin again!

Tokyo, 2015

Tokyo, 2015

I started my blog in 2007 and wrote more than 400 articles in Traditional Chinese. But now, I decided to archive all of them and begin again here.

‘Sharing’ becomes a everyday practice for everyone especially when smartphones become common. I could have more than 5 articles or pictures submitted to Instagram and Facebook every day which is too much for me, and I felt I was making products in a factory rather than really sharing something or having real connection to others. The number of likes and followers did encourage me but also limited me to share what I really want others to know, and sometimes I don’t know why some people follows me - just a quick response or really love my works? You know in social media everything is quick without thinking.

Thus I stopped something for a while first. I haven’t updated my blogs and Facebook for a few months, leaving only VSCO Grid and Instagram. I still needed a blog because it is good space for one to elaborate some ideas from social media as well as my handwriting and cloud notebooks, and the best way for people to understand me if they are willing to visit my website and allow themselves a plenty of time to know more.





Thus I decided to restart my blog. It’s called ‘Alvin in the Room’ which is inspired from ‘elephant in the room’. People sometimes ignore some really big problems, including the need of a long vacation (Alvin = A long vacation is necessary) for various reasons. In the new blog, I will be, of course, in the room to show you some of my works (photos and sketches) and I will share my thoughts about life, long holiday and something people usually don’t pay attention to but worth seeing and seeking.

You should know more about me through the blog, and will know something that may not be the trend.

Besides, the blog will be in English mainly as the online world has no boundary limit. I also need practices of the international language. Forgive my English if you think I write badly.

I’m sorry that I achieved the past, but I consider showing you some by rewriting them in the future.


新的網誌將會命名為Alvin in the Room,其名字靈感來自英文諺語elephant in the room:很多人都忽略了一些事情甚至重大的問題。在我的英文名字Alvin中,我發現了一個「秘密」,就是A long vacation is necessary,悠長假期也許為很多人所需要,但是也因為種種原因而不被重視。在這裡除了會分享照片和畫作外,也會分享不同的事情,當中是我對生活、假期的看法,或是一些其實我認為很值得留意的、卻未為人重視的事情。




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