A meaningful guide about Tin Shui Wai, HK


If you want to find a good book better understanding about Tin Shui Wai, one of the towns located in the northwest Hong Kong, here is one although it's available in Chinese only. The book includes maps, interviews with people as well as history and development in that area.



The pocket book slightly larger than a postcard does provide a lot other than sightseeing spots for tourists. It shows there is something worth noticing in a ‘clean’ and ‘tidy’ urban area. It also tells us that people can still cope with the problematic consumer society to have their own lifestyles, say DIY daily necessities.



There are some takeaway points for me after reading the book:


  • The book said the natural environment and the human interact with each other and they should live in coexistence. I also think people with different lifestyles and businesses should be encouraged, but in our society most of us only pursue the stable office life rather than support others to seek other possibilities.


  • Many people keep complaining there are limits within themselves and from the society so that they can't do what they like, rather than looking for solutions. Everywhere in Tin Shui Wai is planned and there are various restrictions for people in the community. In most cases they need to rely on consumption for daily life, but some of them try their best to make for themselves by thinking and living outside the box.


  • Sometimes we need to be curious about something around us, as some people just know the milk is from bottles but not cows. We easily get everything through shopping. We just know these are what we can or should get, without understanding how and even asking why. So start with why now!


  • Interaction with people is necessary but the chance is usually rare in a big city. The importance is that people are happier and being inspired throughout the process. The public space does play a role.


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