Just choose to leave it. That's it.


After reading some people's stories, I do know I can do more what I want or am able to, but I focus too much on the expected or imagined loss.

Those people who are capable to fulfill their dream do have economic difficulties. They show that insufficient resources or lacking conditions are just barriers but not a judgement like in a court.

People always give up doing something when others disagree or they lack money. They result in living within the norms, and building an iron cage for themselves.

Remembering that my first Couchsurfing host gave up using mobile for freedom in an urban area of Melbourne, Australia. Thinking of a Polish girl I met in Bangkok who didn't have her own computer for academic studies not because of poverty. People who own too much may just think they are so strange without asking themselves why. We try to possess more and more and it's more and more difficult to live within those "necessities", while they can be free from themselves and don't blame if there are external forces or pressure. Just choose to leave it. That's it.





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