Arts in a city

In a city like Hong Kong, there are three kinds of arts.



The typical art exhibitions located indoors, say various museums or art shops in the city.

第一個很明顯的,是典型的藝術展覽,在一些藝廊和博物館都可以看到。圖為香港藝術中心《文化碰撞 穿越東北亞》的短期展覽。上面的黑白相片為九龍城寨,出自日本攝影師宮本隆司的手筆。


There are some street art, both approved and illegal, filling up some blank walls in the city. We may need to think if there should be space available for citizens to join to make a city more beautiful.



Public art: there are some art works in public space designated for people to “look at” only while touching and usage is not allowed. There are some works which can be defined by citizens unintentionally, even they are not artists. The above is an example. Bamboos are materials used mainly for construction and maintenance work of a building. The picture shows when it was not used, workers sat on them to take a rest. I regard bamboos as an art here because they were used in a different way we didn't expect.

There are so many “art works” in the city, and they are not necessarily made by artists. Instead, they can be created by citizens who do not have any artistic knowledge or skills. These works can not only be looked at, but also touched and even used in new ways that we have never thought of.



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