In a cafe


Visited the cafe I worked in before and brought coffee beans from Taichung to share with beloved colleagues and customers who really support us recently.

I joined here not because I was a coffee lover but I wanna create a space for more interaction among different kinds of people, as well as a bridge to understand a community through working in a coffee shop.

Now I am not working there. But what remains is a guestbook on each table for customers to write. It includes various kinds of stories written by locals. Some people did reply to other comments too!

I now realise that stories should be everywhere in a community and even a city, but they are always ignored under fast pace and rapid city development. Fortunately, some people do notice that and as a result published a book with people's interviews. You can read it in a cafe.

We tried the coffee from Papua New Guinea. The coffee master here shared the related knowledge with us while tasting, so that we realised various coffee could have different tastes, not necessarily the bitter one.

A place is a place for people to meet and come across each other. It's never led by somebody but we are already in it.








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