Travelling by bus in Hong Kong


In Hong Kong, bus is still an important mode of transport even subway covers almost every part of the city. As metropolitan may have the greatest number of double-decker buses in the world, they can't be ignored on the street.

Although roads are narrow and busy, big double-decker buses plays an important role for great demands from commuters. If you haven't experienced the giant before, you will find the journey exciting and unsafe, but sure that you will also be impressed by the hill landform in the city.

The advancement in information technology, such as next stop announcement and estimated time of arrival, has made buses more reliable, but uncertainty (congestion and accidents, for example) still remains when they run on the road with other vehicles. The great news is that views on the road is always waiting for us, especially when taking non-express routes.

Subways in tunnels most of the time result in sudden changes when moving from one place to another. When taking a bus ride, you will see gradual changes, you will see how you reach the destination, if you are not obsessed with your smartphone. Mobility is an experience starting from two points or spots, connecting through a line or curve while you observe the process in different dimensions. It is always included when travelling in which we should not only focus on the spots as we have already planned. The journey should be an enjoyment which lets us see more places for us to hop off suddenly, or become the spots when visiting the city again.

To conclude, according to one of my Taichung friend, taking bus is a way to see a city. Even you don't have much time, a bus journey can allow you to read a book rather than a page. Besides, it's a snowball process of finding more spots which is not limited to the discourse from majority.

Whatever you are travelling or living in your home city, take your time to enjoy a great bus trip, especially the longer bus routes!









Recommendations in Hong Kong 香港巴士路線推介

Kowloon Motor Bus route no. 53 (Tsuen Wan <> Yuen Long): it lets you experience how people in the old days get Yuen Long from Tsuen Wan, with at least 1.5 hours through places like Sham Tseng, Tuen Mun, Ping Shan, compared to only half an hour through a tunnel and some highways (route 68M which will miss two places in between) nowadays!


Kowloon Motor Bus route no. 72 (Cheung Sha Wan <> Tai Po): The bus journey covers most of hilly Tai Po Road from Kowloon to Tai Po, the old way compared to the faster way through Lion Rock Tunnel and Tolo Highway constructed under reclamation.


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