Cafe: Sensory Zero

(Note: written in May 2015 and posted on Storehouse, which has been shut down already. I made some changes and repost here.)

You're welcome to sense everything you like! Wong Chuk Hang, the southern part of Hong Kong Island, is a small industrial area. It used not to be an attractive place until there are more new cafes, creative spaces and a commercial tower. Sensory Zero is definitely one of them!

The cafe is actually the part of Lane Crawford, which shows furniture only here. And the store is in a newly built commercial building called One Island South. With The Factory nearby, the industrial Wong Chuk Hang will become one of the important area for 'creative class', as raised by Richard Florida.

In Sensory Zero, you will not only sense (i.e. experience) / taste the food and drink, but also the lifestyle from Lane Crawford and you can fulfil the one you want, and other things that aren't expected.


Sense the atmosphere

The cafe is small with a big bench table with three small those only, while Lane Crawford is spacious. Dunno if the cafe should occupy more space anyway the bench table can be the advantage for singles (they can easily find a seat) and big groups (especially when workshops are held). Besides, some interaction between people they don't know may be allowed.

Look at the tables and seats here, and also the furniture opposite to you. Also look at the view outside. Ask yourself a series of questions like if you love the decoration, if you feel happy or relax here, and what you will want to do here besides eating.


Sense the food

The cafe provides coffee, tea and snacks, as well as the lunch combo from 12 to 3pm, including variety of choices (e.g. big salad and all-day breakfast), with coffee and other drinks. If you choose salad, you can have an add-on meat to have a balanced diet.

I ordered a Zero Choice Salad to eat healthier while choosing to have chicken. The salad is not that typical Western kind. Rather, it's a combination of the west and the east. All were well cooked and I did enjoy it.


Sense what you are doing

Don't leave once finishing the meal! If you do, go to McDonald's next time instead!

There are couple of things you can do. Listen to the couple sitting next to you what they are talking about. Go to the furniture side to catch a glimpse of it. Bring your favourite book to here and finish it. Sketch the cafe and your food.

Whatever you do, the pace should be slow, slow and slow...

Do you have a good day?


Sense the drink

Drink is always important in a cafe. Sensory Zero is no exception.

Knowing that the tea is popular here and many customers ordered it as I saw (although their coffee is already lovely), I decided to order that after finishing my lunch. It's actually the sparking one, not the typical tea. When I made an order, the waiter persuaded me if I would like to have the mixture with beer. Driven by curiosity, I tried it.

There are two choices of sparking tea. Among them I chose the French Rose Oolong one. The waiter allowed me to taste the tea alone first, and then he mixed it with the beer for you. Sense and enjoy it slowly.


What is sense? What is the Art of Sense?

Sense is about the experience. When you experience, you should focus on what you are actually doing. Before you do it, you should judge whether you love it. If you like, just do it. If you don't, leave it!

Yes, it's the art. As a cafe, the food and drink providers, they need the art to design products to satisfy customers. For us, we need to establish our own art of sense to feel and even experience the moment and the existence. In today society, efficiency is always overemphasized so that life itself has been ignored. Through the food, drinks and the environment, do you sense your moment, and do you think you have a good life today?

Before I left the cafe, one of the couples sitting near to me said, 'I had a good day today!'

It's so simple!


Sensory Zero


Address G01, G/F, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
Transport Bus no.38, 42, 77 etc.
Opening hours Monday to Thursday 8:30-19:00; Friday and weekends 9:30-22:00


They now have another shop at Eslite Bookstore, Cityplaza, Tai Koo Shing, opening from 10:00 to 22:00 every day.