Great Hong Kong city view, Shek Lung Kung

On the first day of the year of monkey, i.e. the lunar new year, my friend and I decided to go hiking as we didn't need to visit relatives. Our route was not that too long but could allow us to enjoy the most beautiful and amazing view we ever have.


The trail is actually a part of Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail (元荃古道石龍拱), which bridges Tsuen Wan and Yuen Long. We actually started from the former to walk for about 4km, and went up to about 400m high. The path is not difficult to walk as it has been built with concrete but it is steep.


Besides the safest man-made toad there is also a natural one, so that you can catch a glimpse of the cityscape earlier! We found it hard to go up and could imagine what would happen if we needed to return. However we decided to keep it on since we believed it was the alternative to get the same place.


We seemed to arrive... BUT my friend said we got wrong! We were in the other part of a hill. At that moment I prepared myself to go down through the steep and slippery road with sands, but he said no we just walked another way which was easier and reached the path as planned.


We continued going up and the view was more stunning! But waiting for sunset was ONE of our goals. Since we still had time, we could go to a ruin which used to be a school long long time ago.


There is no sufficient information about the school, including when it started and ended. We loved to make observations apart from taking photos. The entrance of male and female toilets have been blocked by a big tree and a green plant respectively, and I thought the school was abolished more than 40 years ago. Plants seem to know when all the people has gone away and choose to grow up there, and you know a tree takes long long time to become much taller and bigger. That's why I draw that estimation.


After the school visit we came back and reached a bit higher. Now we could get both - on the left-handed side it was from the nearest Tsuen Wan and Tsing Yi to the far away Kowloon and even Hong Kong Island; and on the right there were Ting Kau Bridge, Tsing Ma Bridge, Kap Shui Mun Bridge and the airport. The sky was so clear that day and we left after the sunset.


In this trip I realize how wonderful the cityscape of my hometown is. As the city has so many hills and doesn't have much land, reclamation has been carried out for long for more high-rise buildings. There are also hundreds of small and big islands. Nature is always with us but we are always trapped by tall buildings and thus don't feel that fact, until we visited there or go higher.


Shek Lung Kung 石龍拱


To get there, take a bus (route 39M) at MTR Tsuen Wan Station and get off in Tsuen Wan Adventist Hospital. The starting point is on your left. More details of the route can be found here.