City walk in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

After the trekking a few days ago, we decided to walk in a city, and choose the place we used to think we were familiar with. It was actually a place where our secondary school was there. It is an important part of our life even though I didn't live there. However we were wrong as we still didn't know much about the area, and there have been great changes for long especially after we graduated.

What I am talking about is Wan Chai, which is between Causeway Bay and Central. We spent the whole afternoon there.




Café&Meal MUJI

Located in Hopewell Centre, this Café&Meal MUJI is the second restaurant in Hong Kong. Prices range between HK$95 and HK$118, which is more expensive than in Japan, but the food quality and the nice environment tells you that it is still worth dining here at least once. You may also get some free brochures published by MUJI and read some design books provided by the cafe, to learn more about their concepts and ideas.

合和的無印良品,附設全港第二間MUJI CAFE,其$95-118價位比日本店貴,但是食物質素和用餐環境告訴自己還是值得來一兩趟。這裡有一些免費的無印單張,以及設計書籍,除品嚐食物也可以深入了解無印的理念。


Café&Meal MUJI Hopewell Centre

Address: Shop No. 5B, G/F, Hopewell Centre, 183 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11:00 - 22:00 (last order 21:30)


Blue House | 藍屋

The beautiful historic house has its free museum Hong Kong House of Stories, which attracted me to pay my first visit. The story about Wan Chai, the story about fighting against the unreasonable urban (re)developement policies, the story about the old Hong Kong, the story about life in the past... Activities and workshops are held sometimes.



Blue House

Address: 74 Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai
Opening hours: 11:00 - 18:00
Close: every Wednesday and public holidays


Lee Tung Street | 利東街

Lee Tung Street, also known as Wedding Card Street, has been destroyed by the government and redeveloped as the luxury apartments and shopping area with restaurants and lifestyle shops. The new site is really that ugly! The decoration and design here doesn't share any insight and vision at all.



Lee Tung Street

Address: 200 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai
Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00


Just walk | 散策

I had the idea to walk in Wan Chai when I took a bus which went through here. I realized there were stairs in some lanes and I began to be curious of them what if I went upstairs.



St Luke's College | 聖璐琦書院

Actually we walked aimlessly. We accidentally found a ruin, a school which should be abolished for long. However we couldn't explore by going inside due to the strict security measures. I did a rough Google search with my phone and knew there were ghosts inside. Believe it or not!



{SFS} Cafe

I have already saved it in my Evernote for long, and wanna visited it one day. It's a small place for relax in a crowded area. People usually keep complaining what they don't have, while sometimes they need to think how to break through.



{SFS} Cafe

Address: 14 St Francis Street, Wanchai
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 - 18:00; Weekends and public holidays 10:00 - 19:00

All plans are 'Plan B'!

I saw a lot of good restaurants and cafes and I took a note in my Evernote and Google Maps, when I was walking. They could be the spots if I want to go to Wan Chai again. We had a long conversation in SFS Cafe. When we talked about what planning is, I said "it is all Plan B!" whereas people usually fill events and todos in different periods of time in order to have a inflexible schedule. Besides, I don't think we need much effort, say by sitting down for a whole afternoon to think hard about what we should do in the future. Ideas always easily come out when we allow ourselves to relax. What is only required is to write them down in your notebook, and review the notes sometimes. You will find the ideas are growing in numbers, and some of them are becoming bigger so that you will feel it's time to take actions.

You can start from travel. Write down what you are really interested when you are walking on the street, reading magazines and web articles. One day when you read them there are so many places you want to go in Seoul, for instance, and this city becomes your next trip as a result.

Yes, I will be back, Wan Chai!

在散策的過程中,看到了不少餐廳和咖啡店。我已在途中用Evernote和Google Maps把它們記下來,成為日後重遊的其中點子。在SFS Cafe裡,我對朋友說,所謂計劃,其實就是Plan B。計劃其實不用刻意坐下來,然後迫自己想一堆點子,再把它們塞滿時間。而是給自己空間,享受時就會有靈感,只要把靈感記下即可。靈感數目只會愈來愈多,且有些會不斷壯大,壯大到成為可以實行的具體行動,是實踐的好時機。