Begin again, again!

Jan 2016

Jan 2016

My blog has been renamed as "Alvin in the Room" in November last year. Besides, the layout was redesigned and the articles in the past were archived. Now, there is another great move since I switched the blogging platform from Wordpress to Squarespace, and the domain has already changed from himalbum to alvinintheroom. Begin again, again!

The decision doesn't imply that Wordpress sucks. Rather it is so great that it allows you to have much more controls and possibilities, when compared to Squarespace. It also keeps improving.

But I left that because what is the most important for me is creative flow.

Wordpress is already great among blogging platforms I used, however it still involves a lot of programming issues. While I am happy to learn more, they distract me from creativity and sharing something to others. Sometimes I was so frustrated with the format when writing in Wordpress, and ended up with solving problems in HTML mode.

Some people said Wordpress allows you to keep your website permanently and even a web hosting server shuts down yours can be moved to others without choosing a theme again. Wordpress will end one day because of different factors (say trends), although it is being supported by a big community.

I used to think whether something can last forever. But the fact is nothing will last forever. Even Wordpress can keep going until I die, I may give it up (OK, I am showing that now) and even blogging for some reasons. It's always dangerous to think in this way and decisions can't be made easily. Procrastination results.

No one knows what will be in the long run, but at the moment. Idea flow or creative flow is something I mostly need. To achieve them I need to create a setting which lets me at least not be disturbed and even lets me have more ideas. I like travel, especially wandering around the streets in a city. I like staying in cafes. I like visiting bookstores. They allow me to feel relaxed so that I can suddenly generate some (new and strange) ideas which can apply to, say photography, journals, blogs and my work. This is creative flow which is so valuable for me.

After switching to Squarespace for a while, I love it as I can have happy blogging here, although there is still great room for improvement (say some functions are still only supported by desktop computer). I don't know how long this platform can last, but at least it can let me share more on my website. At least I am enjoying it.

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