Ping Che - school, art and farm in a village

I didn't know a place called Ping Che (坪輋) in Hong Kong, until knowing that an art festival being held there. It is one of the villages located in northeast Hong Kong, and one of the places where you can escape from the bustling city, having a joy in such a simple life there!

It's also a big venue for The Emptyscape Art Festival. The place which will be developed as a new town but seems to be postponed as planned, according to the information provided by Wikipedia. The festival is just a starting point and it's more than art, by visiting the school which has already been shut down, art village and a farm to rethink about self, community, life and possibilities...




Ping Yeung School | 坪洋公立學校

The only school in the village was closed in 2007, not too long as the other one (should be more than forty years) in Shek Lung Kung I visited. Trees and plants have never settled down inside the school as some people keeps coming here, especially having some art works. The school seems to be a ruin but it can be a new place of freedom and expression.




In Google Maps, there is a place called 坪洋壁畫村. It's a village with many public art works. During the art festival, there are guides on the road which teaches visitors how to experience the nature by seeing and hearing.




There is an organic farm in the village (Chunkee Farm, 珍記農場) and you can buy fresh local fruit and vegetable. An outdoor music concert held there last Saturday attracted a lot of people coming there. They sat anywhere they like, ate the food and snacks bought from the villagers. The excellent performance ended with a beautiful sunset!



AND MORE... | 更多更多⋯⋯

No, there are more and more to be seen. A temple. On top of the mountain with the skyline of Shenzhen, China... Unfortunately I didn't have time to explore them. Maybe next time.



Don't worry If you miss the event because it will also be held the coming weekends (27 and 28 Feb 2016). Check Emptyscape's Facebook for more details. If you think you still can't, you can visit the village anytime as you like.



Ping Che | 坪輋


To get there, take green minibus (route 52K) from Fanling MTR station (Exit C) and get off at Kau Kee Store (九記士多).