A small hill in Tin Shui Wai

Tin Shui Wai is the northwest town in Hong Kong in which everything is planned, from residential areas, roads, shops, transport to entertainment, resulting in limited options for the local residents. Some end up conforming it while some try to seek other ways to make their life better. For example, they DIY food and products besides relying on expensive chain stores (see also 'A meaningful guide about Tin Shui Wai'); they start a little free library in somewhere apart from official libraries and bookstores.

The government has designated parks and bike lanes there. But if you're not satisfied, same strategy: think outside the box.

The small hill near Tin Heng Estate can be a ‘back garden’ for residents. It doesn't carry any official name, and you can't search there with any keywords in Google Maps. Within 20 minutes walk from Tin Heng you can enjoy the whole view of Tin Shui Wai and Shenzhen, the mainland city next to Hong Kong. It's also a great sunset spot.

No government's planning, no concrete roads, no rules, no street lights and facilities. You can go back to Tin Heng or reach other parts of the town with other paths. You do have choices. There are freedom and fresh air. I can think something different. Looking back to the concrete jungle, I realize I always fall into the fallacy of ‘what you see is all there is’ and I end up in disappointment and loss in the city. I realize why I need to go out sometimes. The outside is a reminder of the big world beyond my imagination with possibilities (especially life choices) more than I think. What I need to do is to try to see clearly what I can't see at this moment, with my eyes and also with my heart.