Snapchat, the app sparking my creativity!

My iPhone

My iPhone

At the beginning of this year, I started using Snapchat. I didn't have an idea of this application before using, but I found that the app is more than chatting with others like WhatsApp and LINE during these months of using. It should be regarded as the true experience of creating something with simple tools.

Creation with simple sketches and emoji

People spend more and more time on reading words and they will be tired of it. Smartphones with touch screens allow us to draw something so as to easily explain things with fun as well. Simple sketch is a good way to let us think and boost our creativity.

Besides simple sketches, you may try other creations like putting different emojis altogether (see below). Snapchat does not allow you to have high quality works, but they let you create something simple easily. If you want to be creative, don’t care too mind of the visual results but make use you have a happy experience. 

Imagine more, when you are outside

Snapchat seems to be an unique messaging app when compared to WhatsApp, LINE and Telegram. But it should be an application not only connecting people but also let you interact with the outside more. In art galleries, for instance, I not only look at the art works and read their descriptions, but I also exercise my imagination, whatever relevant to their original contents and meanings, by taking pictures or clips with Snapchat (See below).

Capture the moment of cities in an easy way

There are various apps (like the stock camera) for you to capture the moment of urban areas, but I prefer Snapchat. It is simple that I can swipe left and right to have some filters like B&W, slow-mo, time-lapse. They have geofilters too. So simple to make a video in it.

Yes, Snapchat does not allow one to create something beautiful, and it doesn't have so many functions. But the experience of using the app these days told me that creativity can be simple and fun. The process itself is more important than the product. If we want to spark our power of creativity, we shouldn't care too much in terms of how aesthetic it will be. Even a great artist does have millions of ugly drafts which can't be seen by all of us!

In the days we are always consuming too much news contents, everyone's creativity is ignored. They misunderstand that they can't have good ideas and draw well. They also say they don't have time and energy blah blah blah... It's time to have a balance to let content creation come into your life besides content consumption. Start with Snapchat just a few second every day if you don't know how to find your gift for creativity. As Essentialism stated, 'Small, incremental changes are hard to see in the moment but over time can have a huge cumulative effect.'

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