Escape from busyness at the airport

There are some places in Hong Kong that make you feel escaped from the pressure and busyness, like Instagram Pier and a small hill in Tin Shui Wan as I discussed before. If you want more, I can have some recommendations. Ok, let's go to the airport!

What I mean is not the giant terminal, but the rocks and grassland just outside the aircraft maintenance area, where you can face the ocean, watching airplanes taking off and/or landing on, watching the sunset, and even sitting down on the grass to eat and read...

Like Instagram Pier, it is not the designated public area but an unintended consequence. It's easy to get there since you can take a short-trip bus from Tung Chung, the town near the airport. You can also ride a bike but be careful of the road traffic. No preparation is needed before the trip. Just feel happy and relax. 


除了之前提過的Instagram Pier和天水圍後山,機場裡的飛機維修區外也是一個不錯的公共空間。那裡由石和草地而成的空間,可以看到海洋,也可以望到航機升降、日落,甚至可以坐在草地上吃喝。

就如Instagram Pier一樣,這裡本來原意不是作為公共空間之用,但環境意外地讓這裡形成了一個放鬆寫意的地方。只要從東涌乘巴士即可,你也可以騎自行車過來但是要小心路上的交通。 


Aircraft maintenance area 飛機維修區


To get there

From the city: Take Citybus route S52 from Tung Chung MTR Station and get off at the last stop 'Aircraft Maintenance Area'.

From the airport: Take LongWin Bus route S64 and change route S52 at 'Chun Wan Road South'. Get off at 'Aircraft Maintenance Area'.


Do check the weather and the time of sunset before going.