The night

The night can be my own world.

In the past, people's activities are limited to daytime. When electric lights become prevalent, when public services extend to almost 24 hours, we can have more choices at night, do what we like or just take a rest, especially after working for a whole day.

At night, streets are quieter because of less people and less vehicles. Most of the shops are also closed. It seems that we don't have many options of what to do as daytime. It seems to be unsafe as crime always happens. But freedom is always here for sure. Less conflicts with other people in a densely populated city. Nobody in a tram.

Remembering that when I needed to finish my work after 8pm, I usually fed myself outside before going back home. The night seems to be my world and no one can stop me from doing what I like, and there is no deadline for that. I found a place to go, or took a slow transport like tram or ferry rather than going home quickly. I wandered around the streets in the city. I could have time and space to think without any distractions. I also like to run at night but don't prefer during daytime even though I am free.







The night is also a great time when traveling overseas. At the first night in Taipei last year, I walked around the place where i stayed. The minority of shops attracted me, and the only street lights brought me to notice something I could usually ignore during the day. I took a bike (from the bike share Ubike) for a while.

I realize why some Hong Kong people cycle in their city at night. I realize why drivers like to become faster on the streets. There are so many things to do in daytime but there are also many things NOT ALLOWED to do at that time because of too many people and because you have to obey norms not to affect others. There are so many things you can't do at night since most shops are closed, but you can still find a lot to do and it will not disturb others who don't know and care what you want to do. The night is really a time of self-actualization.




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