The road to get into the running habit

Running at night

Running at night

I started running a few years ago but still I haven't got into the habit quite well. Sometimes it was due to the weather (say cold and rainy), and sometimes it was about my determination. Running distances each time can fluctuate, from the shortest 1.5km to the longest 15km (but it only happened once).

This year I adopt a strategy to run more frequently (from once a week to three or four, however it's still dependent on weather) while I stop focusing on the goal but my mind instead. That is, stop as you like. I noticed that at first I find it difficult (feeling tired or laziness) and want to stop as soon as possible, but if I keep on running a little bit more I will feel comfortable. That's why I can finish at least 3km almost each time in these three weeks.

During my high school studies, running for a certain distance was required in the examination of physical education. I remembered that I didn't know how to keep running for long, until I was reminded of breathing in and out by a PE teacher in university. I knew I was capable of running in 2005, but started running in about 2013 but gave up so quickly. I ran again last year because I found a time slot at night, making it another good start. Surely this year will be another milestone!




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