Kodaira, a city in the west part of Tokyo

Kodaira is a city in the western part of Tokyo, which can be accessed by rail from Shinjuku for 25 minutes only. It is not well known to oversea tourists. It's just a livable suburb area.

Although I have been to Tokyo for several times, there are still lots of good places that I didn't know before and Kodaira is one of them. I know there from Airbnb, whose host has a small flat for rent there. For tourists who stay in Kodaira, they can explore the bustling and popular Tokyo's spots with a 30-minute journey. For me, I decided to explore Kodaira and its nearby as the exploration of Tokyo shouldn't be limited to popularity of a place and recommendations from travel guide books or magazines, and I have visited the so-called major tourist sites before.

Compared to the crowded and stunning Tokyo, Kodaira is less attractive. Still, it is believed to be a great area especially for travel and even for slow living. But convenience is not missing as the bus stops, supermarkets, restaurants, cemetery, low density residential area and farms are within 5 minute walk from the train station. Cycle lane is so great as it's connected to other places like the reservoir and an amusement park which is about 10 to 15km away from Kodaira.

Like Tokyo, my hometown Hong Kong is also a metropolitan. But the difference is that you can't have many options for affordable housing as in Tokyo. At least you can choose those outside special wards of Tokyo, buy for yourself, or to set up an Airbnb flat to attract tourists by stating 'a few minutes to a sightseeing spot'.

Choosing a place to live which is far away from a town centre does have costs in terms of time, while its surrounding environment can be nicer. Everyone does have a variety of options, but they must be all imperfect with expected pros and cons, and making a decision is always not that easy. For tourists, it would still be great if they can afford a personal room in the capital of Japan with high living cost, although the place of stay can be far away from some major and popular tourist areas. Meanwhile, it is a good idea to stay like a local when traveling...