A Traveler's notebook in the palm of my hand!

TRAVELER'S notebook is the brand I have been using since 2013. The products include the leather cover protecting small and light notebooks with accessories like pen holder, paper folder, zipper case in one hand. Collection and sketching have become an important part of my life mostly because of its great design for ‘customization’ of notebooks according to my needs, and the free spirit it encourages!

2016 is an important year for TRAVELER’S COMPANY, the brand of TRAVELER'S notebook which has established for 10 years. To celebrate they have a special limited mini-size notebook - a small notebook with a leather cover like a pocket knife used when travel! They now have three different sizes at the same moment like iPhone. I used to regard it as a kind of consumption, but I ended up with purchasing it to see if I think wrongly.

The brand which promotes ‘customization’ makes a leap forward in the product: you will not only combine different kinds of notebooks with stickers you love, but to make them simply with a stapler. It starts with a toy but it will show you it’s not a product just for consumption, but surely for creation if you are willing to find out what one can do in a tiny notebook in the palm of your hand!

In the contemporary world, people always urge everything to be bigger as small does not satisfy their needs, but larger doesn’t necessary imply the road to perfection, it can create more burden. It’s time for us to travel in the beautiful small and little things. Enjoy, explore and appreciate.

TRAVELER'S notebook是我從2013年開始使用的筆記本品牌,它由一個皮套所組成,裡面可以載著細小而且輕便的筆記小冊子,可配以筆套、牛皮紙資料夾、有拉錬的袋以方便收納等。自此,在這個鼓勵自由精神(free spirit)和客製化筆記本下,收集(旅行)物品、繪畫成為我生活中重要的部分。

2016年為這個品牌來說,是很重要的一年,因為它剛好十周年,並推出限量袖珍筆記本,細得像旅行隨身的刀。現在,TRAVELER’S notebook有三個不同的尺寸,像iPhone一樣。看到這個商品,本身認為只是消費,但最後還是買下來看看自己有沒有錯。



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