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Imagine and go, altogether.

Imagine and go, altogether.

Shek Tong Shui, Hong Kong, 2016.

Shek Tong Shui, Hong Kong, 2016.


Imagination is so important to us.

We can imagine anything. We can imagine what you should be or will be. We can imagine how our city will be. We can imagine the road with bikes only instead of vehicles. We can imagine there are humans outside the earth. We can imagine what seems not to exist in the world…

To imagine means to look forward to the future. To have brighter future we have to let us imagine. If this doesn’t exist or seems to be implausible, we have to figure out how this can be made possible.

But now the society is in an opposite direction.

Imagination is a gift for everyone, but it is being destroyed under family and school, especially in Asia. People say imagination wastes time, and ask why we don’t study hard and get a good job. To make one fly freely? No! Please! Don’t try to make it true. IMPOSSIBLE!

I M P O S S I B L E .

Study hard first PLEASE!

Examination is the key to discourage one’s imagination. To have a good life and be respected and be popular, get a good job. To get a good job, attend university. To attend university, pass the exam. To pass the exam, tell me the only standard answer.

It also makes you stick inside the box. The world is small as the box and you don’t have various choices, so you have to obey the rules in order to survive.

We can’t and shouldn’t imagine. We have no choice but to compete with others. I am better than competitors now, but I am afraid I will lose everything I gain one day. I can’t create a new way or lifestyle, as it is not possible.

If one is willing to imagine, he or she will only be focus on ’sketching’ a beautiful picture, instead of judging that someone must not come true. He is actually thinking outside the box, by asking whether he should follow the mass. What in fact do I need? If he should achieve the same goal as others, are there other routes to get there?












Admiralty, Hong Kong, 2016.

Admiralty, Hong Kong, 2016.


Imagination always comes with actions.

Plans are the norms in society besides standard answer. Before doing something we need to have a detailed goals with specific actions stated, and to tell its expected outcomes, costs and risks.
It is everywhere now. Travel is no exception. Please buy all the tickets and book a room first. Prepare for the trip by reading blog articles and travel guides first.

When we visit a city, we need to answer people’s questions like ‘what can you do and go in that city?’ and we have to clarify when they say ‘that city is nothing special.’ by gathering plenty of information. It seems that we marry to information and thus our world vision is limited but we are not willing to accept it.

Information is part of the world and it does not represent the whole! Just do it first and we will see, especially what the current information doesn’t tell. As we see, you will think and will have some ideas.

It works well when I take a bus or wander on the street. I may look at it or go later when I am free.

Planning before doing is not a good idea since we can’t own all the (best) answers when drafting the plan. We can’t ensure our proposal brings the expected outcomes as we in fact aren’t able to predict. We never satisfy our proposal, change it or delay it, and thus waste so much time. Why don’t start it small and see how it works? We can always rethink and change to make things better and better.

As the Brazilian city planner Jaime Lerner said,

'So, I want just to end saying that you can always propose new materials -- new sustainable materials -- but keep in mind that we have to work fast to the end, because we don't have the whole time to plan. And I think creativity, innovation is starting. And we cannot have all the answers. So when you start -- and we cannot be so prepotent on having all the answers -- it's important starting and having the contribution from people, and they could teach you if you're not in the right track.'

Walk, see, do and think at the same time. Make smalls in order to have a big.









正如巴西的城市規劃師Jaime Lerner說過,你可以經常有新的提議,但也要留意我們必須要快,因為我們沒有時間作出全盤的計劃,因為不可能在計劃時對心中疑問或是目標有了所有的解答;而創意、創新其實在行動開始時已經進行當中,而人們也在途中帶領自己。所以不用擔心。


Looking forward by looking back

Looking forward by looking back

Kodaira, a city in the west part of Tokyo

Kodaira, a city in the west part of Tokyo