My LCC profile

My LCC profile

My LCC profile

From 2011 I started taking LCC (low cost carriers) flights. As I said before, LCCs not only provide lower travel costs but also more possible arrangements.

I found that I tried different airlines based in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. They have different pricing model, say when you have a trip by Air Asia pay what you need is okay while in Vanilla Air the so-called inclusive price (the price including free seats and checked luggage) is more suitable for me. There are some LCCs you don't need to pay more as the based price has already included the checked luggage and meal.

I know that even travel is more prevalent, people still hope to have a happy trip without any non-luxury or unhappy experience, so they wanna take a 5-star full-service flight and stay in the best hotel. But imperfections are inevitable but it can be a kind of beauty, and LCCs are not as bad as you expect. Luxury is just a little something while there are so many things which are much more important than that. Don't let this make you miss the true happiness!



  • Hong Kong > Penang
  • Penang > Hong Kong



  • Hong Kong > Singapore
  • Singapore > Gold Coast
  • Brisbane > Cairns



  • Melbourne > Kuala Lumpur > Kuching
  • Bangkok > Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong > Osaka
  • Osaka > Taipei
  • Taipei > Osaka
  • Osaka > Hong Kong



  • None



  • Hong Kong > Tokyo
  • Tokyo > Hong Kong



  • Hong Kong > Chiang Mai
  • Chiang Mai > Kuala Lumpur
  • Kuala Lumpur > Hong Kong
  • And more...
Alvin Cheng