iPhone 4 review: the Okinawa trip in 2011

Back to days five years ago we usually forgot, they were the times almost everyone started using iPhone 4, the smartphone that we used to think was so amazing but feel too tiny and slow nowadays. I didn't own it but rent it for free when I visited Okinawa, so I could have a week to experience the phone. Let's review to see how a smartphone could bring to me in my life!

回到我們幾乎忘掉的五年前光景,當差不多每人都開始使用iPhone 4這部現在我們覺得很細小很慢的手機時。我自己沒有擁有過它,但是在沖繩旅行的時候,曾免費租借過它,有了一星期的使用體驗。現在想回顧一下,看看這手機為我帶來了什麼。


First, a smartphone with apps installed included a travel guide. Besides guide books, people can choose a pocket-size phone to see where they go. Although nowadays I don't rely too much on those travel apps, I still consider them as important options for people before and during travel.

With GPS, travel guides can tell how people can go to sightseeing places. With GPS, taking a bus ride is much easier as you will know when and where to get off with the current location given.




Photography is a breakthrough even since iPhone 4. The small phone can have good pictures during daytimes. Now, I only have my light iPhone 5s, and there is no need to own a compact camera and even DSLR.

攝影在iPhone 4開始是一個突破!至少在日間我已經可以有好的照片,現在我只有iPhone 5s,不需要使用相機。


Sharing on social media like Facebook is also amazing at that time, although nowadays I sometimes find myself showing too many. But what is still grateful to for me is you can add some of my thoughts or sketches immediately after pictures are taken. No need to wait until my photos are imported into my computer.



Five years later, iPhone screen is getter bigger, the processor is faster, and the tenth version of iOS has been launched with much more functions and convenience. Innovation is still moving on so that we are looking forward to the coming features. How about looking backward? Days were still glorious.

Technology does make our life better. We find it amazing at first but later on we may turn to complain it's not enough for use. For engineers, they launch a new phone and better OS. For consumers, they pay to upgrade their devices endlessly. Don't get me wrong because I am not going to deny the ongoing improvement, but sometimes we need to have a balance besides going forward by trying to remember what we felt in the old days. We should be grateful of what we have in addition to address the problems. If we just move forward, we can easily forget we are actually gaining something and just feel we are always lacking of.

iPhone 4 is the best phone ever, even the latest iPhone 6s is already on our hand.

14 June 2016, after iOS 10 has been launched on WWDC



iPhone 4是最好的手機,即使手上的是最新的iPhone 6s。

2016年6月14日,iOS 10發佈了不久


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