You still need to explore the place you think you are familiar with


When a Taiwanese asked me if there are any ways to climb up the Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island on foot, in which, for many Hong Kong people and tourists, it can usually be reached by public transport especially the peak tram, I told him I didn't know that much except that I knew there are routes to Aberdeen, the southern part of the island. A few days later, he messaged me that he did it, and the time was just about 40-60 minutes.



Yesterday I found I had time and I was in Sheung Wan. I suddenly thought of his trip and decided to see how it was. I didn't check blogs or websites which talked about that. I just walked towards the top with a little help of Google Maps app.

Before that, I only knew that mid-level and seaside is connected, especially the escalator with much more convenience for residents going back their homes.

I realized there is a road called Old Peak Road, which is a short but very steep concrete road. The road sign nearby said it would take about 30 minutes to complete but I felt it should be less than that. I found it not difficult to walk up but I sweat a lot. Do recommend there if you want some exercises.



I was asked by two girls about the time needed. Actually I didn't count it exactly but told them it should be about an hour to one and a half, and if you could find the escalator you would reach the downside earlier. After that I realized my answer was based on my experience of going up, and walking down should take much shorter time.

There is another reason to go up. As I wandered in the city of Busan, Korea, and I did go to the mid levels through steps to get the city view I didn't expect. Why can't I do the same in my hometown, the city which is also hilly and mountainous?

The second takeaway point is that I need to explore my hometown, the place in which I think I am familiar with but it's not in fact. There are so many places I haven't been to, and for the areas I always stay or visit, I must have something misunderstanding and need to correct them.

Staying in an area for long doesn't mean that we know everything about the place. This is the reason we should explore the place we think we understand well. Yes, we can't reach and get all, but at least we can tell ourselves that there are lots to go even we have been to. We still discover something and feel excited even when we visit somewhere again. Any good ideas? Let's start from your bedroom. Walk around the community you are staying at.

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