我的兩類筆記簿:Evernote和TRAVELER’S notebook

One of my paper notebooks

One of my paper notebooks

這些年來,筆記在我的日常生活中日趨重要。現在我有兩類筆記本:一是TRAVELER’S notebook,紙本筆記;另一是Evernote,雖然它儲存在雲端,但我還是把它列入我的筆記本使用清單之中。 

Taking notes have become a more and more important part of my life these years. I now have two notebooks, Evernote and TRAVELER’S notebook. One digital notebook and one analog, or paper.


Evernote on iPad

Evernote on iPad


五年前開始接觸並使用Evernote,那時純粹因為想買iPad的關係,在找相關資料時,得悉Evernote這個工具。隨著有了手機和平板,我愈來愈常用它,也付費成為Premium member。起初不知道應該怎樣善用它,主要還是把網上文章擷取下來並稍後閱讀,後來開始利用手機記下數行突然閃現的零碎想法,在Evernote記事漸漸成為了習慣。在其他裝置上我也有不同的做法,例如我的iPad是一塊「白板」,我會在Evernote所提供的簡單繪圖功能上作深入思考;有些本來在Microsoft Office或Pages上完成的事項,都改以Evernote上處理。




I met Evernote five years ago. It was a kind of serendipity when I looked for related reviews and information about iPad. With the decision of having a smartphone and a tablet, I use it more frequently. I decide to pay to become a premium member too. At first I didn’t know what to make use of it except clipping web articles to read afterwards, but later on I am getting into the habit of writing a few words on my phone when I have an idea suddenly (as they can go away so easily); the habit of thinking on my iPad as it provides a ‘whiteboard’ making simple drawing and easy thinking tools possible. Some of my works were done on Evernote rather than Microsoft Office or Pages.

Just as the logo shows, my Evernote is a great elephant carrying so many ideas and thoughts. The ‘search’ function absolutely differentiates the digital notebook and the analog. I can find my notes I have forgotten anytime and anywhere, and I can easily add something on my note edited long long time ago, in the text or just after the passage.

There are more and more options for digital notebook services, and some people begin feeling frustrated and painful during note taking on Evernote. I have tried the others and still stay on the elephant just because I have developed a close relationship and an emotional attachment with that animal. It’s not perfect and convenient but the unique search syntax and shortcuts can let me use my own notebook in my own way.

Anyway, thank you Evernote!


Urban sketching on Traveler's Notebook

Urban sketching on Traveler's Notebook

紙本:Traveler’s notebook

Evernote開始兩年後,TRAVELER’S notebook也開始。在這之前曾經用過其他的紙本筆記本,包括著名的Moleskine。不過,它們一般都很厚和很大,對於要寫滿它們是有一定的壓力。在寫了寥寥數頁後,我很快便放棄。浪費了!

一般來說,每本TRAVELER’S notebook只有64頁,它提供了登機證和護照兩種尺寸,而同時也有一本真皮筆記本套,用來隨身帶著最多三本正在完成的筆記本,還有一系列的配件如雙面貼紙、牛皮紙資料夾方便收集小物品如車票。總的來說其設計基於一個需要輕便行裝、不時移動的旅人。對於其他不是常去旅行的使用者,他們可以從一本小小的筆記本,日積月累的變成大作品。

為什麼在有方便好用的雲端筆記的同時,也要使用手繪?即使現在的iPad Pro輔以Apple Pencil能提供如紙上一樣的手繪體驗,紙本還是有免除電量、遺失貴重物品的體驗,更不用受到螢幕上反光的干擾。最重要的是我只需要一支黑色墨水筆,不需要很專業的工具。

也正如Lily Brett在她的著作Only in New York上,透過鉛筆或是原子筆上書寫,有一種平和的感覺,也感覺到鉛筆或原子筆,自己與心肺和動脈連在一起,什麼都不能分開他們。那種平靜、安靜的感覺,至少為我而言,不像在雲端筆記時容易受到干擾和分心,容易轉到社交媒體上消費內容。

通常我都會使用TRAVELER’S notebook來畫畫,尤其是都市寫生,配以數句文字。此外,我也有一本日曆本,但它不是用來作為行事曆,記將來要做的事和行程,而是每天數行記自己反思、記自己一些很深的感受。近來更在每星期設立一個主題,好好讓自己看相關的書和思考相關的事情。

I had it two years after having Evernote. Before it I tried so many kinds of sketchbooks and notebooks, including Moleskine. However, most of them are too big and I have a pressure to finish it. I usually gave up after writing and drawing a few pages. Waste.

In general, each TRAVELER’S notebook has 64 pages. It has a boarding-pass size and passport size, with a leather cover carrying a maximum of three notebooks in which you are focusing on. They also provide other accessories like stickers, paper folders for users to collect a wide variety of small things say tickets in a paper notebook. On the whole its design is based on a traveler who needs light and compact especially when moving to different places. For users even not traveling, they start from small and make their works big!

Why do I need an analog notebook while I have the digital Evernote? Even when iPad Pro with Apple Pencil has been launched, paper is still the best material to sketch especially outside. You don’t have to worry about the battery. You don’t have to worry about an expensive luxury thing to be stolen. You don’t need to be disturbed by the glare of the screen. Most importantly I don’t need a powerful tool to sketch on the street. A black ink which can be put on a pen folder of the TRAVELER’S notebook is already sufficient for me.

As Lily Brett in her work Only in New York said,

'As soon as I pick up a pen or pencil, a sense of calm comes over me. I feel that the pen or pencil is directly connected to my heart, my lungs, my arteries. Nothing separates us. Of course I type on a computer and an iPad and a smart phone. And I take great care with my sentences on each of those devices. Too much care. Who needs to search for commas or apostrophes when you're typing with one or two fingers? And I do love keyboards and the sound they make. But they are not connected to me in the same way as a pen or pencil.'

And tranquility only in paper because nothing can distract or attract me as in digital notebooks I can easily switch to content consumption.

I usually use Traveler’s Notebook for sketching things and urban landscapes, with a few of words for description. I also have a calendar notebook. It’s not used for a schedule, but as a tool for self reflection. Inspired by Essentialism, I write a few lines on it every day. Recently I have begun setting a theme every week for me to focus on reading related works and thinking about the topic.


More and more TRAVELER’S notebook at home!

More and more TRAVELER’S notebook at home!