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AEON Style, the shopping mall with the magic clock since 1987.

AEON Style, the shopping mall with the magic clock since 1987.

AEON Style is a shopping mall not far away from my home. Since its opening in 1987, there has been a lot of changes, especially the recent renovation and redesign of space for shopping and dining. When I first visited the new one, besides enjoying the shopping experience, I did check if the magic clock, which started nearly three decades ago, was still inside.

Thanks God! It’s still with us!

The magic clock started working in 1987, the year when the shopping mall (called JUSCO at that time) began its business. Every hour the Joker woke up and the clock face showing some happy dwarfs opened. A few minutes later, everything returned to normal. It’s so fascinating especially for children! Unfortunately the hourly show can only be seen on YouTube (see below) taken by others, since the related compartment can’t work and the mall is not able to find people to repair it.

AEON Style是我家不遠處的百貨店,自從1987年開店以來,有不少的改變,尤其近來的重新裝潢和設計。除了參觀新的設施外,也不忘看看那差不多30載的夢幻鐘是否仍在。



A short clip taken by others

When I shared the photo in Facebook, some of my friends commented that they missed the clock so much. They even said they would wait for the music show in front of the clock. We also talked about the mall before renovation, and the discussion let me realize that the space arrangement can also contribute to childhood memories, although it’s always unintended. One of my friends missed the third floor with stationery and toys putting together, as it was the area that the parents let her alone for a few hours so that they could concentrate on buying household items without worrying about the safety of their children.

The society is changing and we are getting richer. We do not only satisfy with the material itself, but also long for a lifestyle we are expecting of. Thus the shopping mall has to be rebranded and redesigned as a stylish store. In the stationery area, I found that there are much more well-designed products like Traveler’s Notebook, Maruman, Rhodia, Moleskine, etc. It seems it becomes another lifestyle shop like LOGON and Eslite in Hong Kong, but the conclusion is not totally correct as I still found some important and necessary (office) stationery like ‘GUARD YOUR ID STAMP’, the roller-type stamp covering personal information so that privacy can be protected when you throw away your documents.

On one hand, we miss the past experience so much, and don’t appreciate much on the new one. On the other hand, we are (unconsciously) developing different kinds of new relationships and attachments with other things, so slowly that the changes can’t be observed easily. One day, we will love something that we used to have no feelings and even hate. Time will tell me if AEON Style becomes a part of my memories in my life.


社會在改變中,人也變得比以前富有。所追求的已不只是物質本身,還會考慮所渴望的生活方式。這驅使一家百貨店去重新定位和設計,成為風格店吸引顧客。在文具部,我找到很多設計商品,如Traveler’s Notebook、Maruman、Rhodia、Moleskine等。看起來像LOGON和誠品,但同時又沒有因風格而失去日常或辦公室必要的文具如我所買的保護私隱的印章。

一方面,我們會懷念從前,對新事物的興趣不大。另一方面,卻不知不覺與其他事物產生新的連結,甚至是情感,但這個過程總是慢得不容易看見。其實我們會愛上一些本來我們沒感覺甚至討厭的事物。所以,時間將告訴我,AEON Style是否成為我人生回憶的一部分。

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