The image of Busan

 Busan, 2016

Busan, 2016

Busan is the second largest city in South Korea, and this was the first stop of my recent Korean trip. It is a beautiful with unique geographical features and city forms.


 Busan Tower

Busan Tower

Starting from Busan Tower to grasp the overall view of the city, to the coast with beaches and parks. I am a person who love ocean very much, and this drove me to see what I liked even when traveling. When I was back from Jeju, I stayed two nights in Haeundae, one of the famous beaches in the city.


But finally what I liked more about the city, is the wandering experience. From the place of stay, I walked to the industrial district and looked back to the centre of the city. I even walked upwards with the steps in the city aimlessly, meeting awesome public arts and enjoying amazing city view with Busan Tower and bridges, which may not be included in various travel guides, and I thought it could be better than that seen in Busan Tower.


 Haeundae, Busan

Haeundae, Busan

People may question about the language problem in Korea, where English is not always available. I would say security should be a bigger problem, which greatly restricts the freedom on the street. People's attitudes are always an important consideration, since they can refuse to offer help even they can speak your language very well, and humans will try their best even they can't speak it. I don't know Koreans and most of them don't speak English well, but they could bring me to the place and start a conversation with me. If humans have humanity, the problems we regard are not problems anymore.


I would also like to point out here that technology can relieve our fear when traveling. Goggle Maps became my tool in the country, especially when taking a bus to somewhere with the help of GPS.

此外,科技減少我們在旅行方面的憂慮,如Google Maps是我在韓國遊的工具,特別在搭乘巴士的時候我會善用定位功能。

From the ocean to the mountain, Busan is the place where one can move so freely, with various choices of subway, bus and even on foot. I captained the mental image of freedom without travel guides there. It doesn't mean that I hate the guide books and urge everyone to leave it, but instead we should think we can live without the tool, which originally is one of the options for travel. And travel is not only about points. It can be anything.