Jeonju, the walkable, historic, slow city in Korea

Jeonju was one of the cities I visited in Korea. Like Gyeongju it is a city full of old Korean houses and historic sites, but the great difference is in terms of the experience staying there. When riding bikes becomes the lifestyle in Gyeongju, walking and taking a rest and even a nap is what everyone can do in Jeonju.

How it is possible is that most of the historic sites usually serve as public space, so that people can sit down and lay down, alone or with friends as you like. Cafes, sightseeing places are close together to make a city walkable.

A historic city doesn't imply the place will remain unchanged in the long run. It doesn't change a lot rapidly, while people do paintings on the wall of their houses to make a city new and more bright and colourful.




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