What is iPad?


An article Sketching on a Tablet showed some of my sketching works more than a year ago. At that time, I didn't engage in drawing a lot in iPad, but mainly content consumption on Facebook and Instagram. With my computer MacBook Air, I just noticed that the much lighter tablet always let me obsessed with social media but not creativity. That's why a month later, I decided to give up my iPad. When travelling overseas I didn't bring my Mac and found that a small phone was already enough.

But now my MacBook Air is ageing especially the battery. While battery replacement is possible, I also noticed the computer is not suitable for me in terms of more creativity and productivity: much heavier and more complicated in use compared to iPad. Less access to (or more meaningful uses of) social media also made me consider having an iPad again, especially thinking about the latest iPad Pro with much more local storages. Under the introduction of the latest iOS, I decided to have my third iPad — iPad Pro with Apple Pencil; it will replace my MacBook Air too!

I didn't, and will NEVER, buy the keyboard for my iPad as the default one (i.e. the screen) is always great for me. Apple Pencil allows me to draw and write as I write on a real paper, so that I am less frustrated now when drawing on it. What I only need to do is to explor different functions on different great sketching apps like Paper and Procreate. Just practise with fun and I am sure I will get better and better.

I don't have many apps installed on the device, but usually the sketching and note taking apps (GoodNotes, Paper and Procreate); and productivity those like Evernote, Google Calender, Pixelmator, iA Writer. Already enough for me to create rather than consume.

Seven years ago when Apple launched their first iPad, they had a TV advertisement asking 'What is an iPad?' but in the clip they said there was no right or wrong answers. Although Apple said the latest iPad Pro could replace computers, I believed this should be one of millions of answers. What is iPad? It's really up to you as you are the master and creator!



不過現在我的電腦開始老化,雖然可以為它更換電池以延長壽命,但是在思考操作方式和流程時,想到iPad比較適合。而一年間的上網心態已有所變化(看來找到使用它們的意義),不會再像過去常登入社交媒體,讓我重新考慮引入較大容量,甚至能支援Apple Pencil的iPad Pro。新的iOS也是其中一個令我重投平板,甚至要取代電腦的因素。

我沒有買鍵盤 ,應該將來也不會。因為螢幕上的已經很好用,而Apple Pencil的確為寫和畫帶來莫大的方便,就像在紙上的一樣。只要做的是專心探索apps的功能,並加以愉快練習,定必有很大的進步!

我安裝的apps其實不多,畫畫的apps包括Procreate和Paper、手寫筆記GoodNotes、Evernote、Google Calender、Pixelmator、iA Writer。少數的apps足以讓我創作。

七年前當蘋果推出第一部iPad時,其電視廣告有提到什麼是iPad,並謂沒有對與錯的答案。雖然近年蘋果有提過iPad Pro可取代電腦,但我相信這只是多個答案中其中一個。其實,每一個人都有創意,對於每個使用iPad的人,每個人的iPad都是不同的。

iPad 2, iPad Air and iPad Pro

iPad 2, iPad Air and iPad Pro

Alvin Cheng