The train


In the world where so many people pursuit efficiency and effectiveness, skipping all of the middle in which they consider as 'useless'. 

We regard those as not useful, as we are always taught to set goals which should be achieved as soon as possible. Besides, we shouldn't make mistakes as they make us feel ashamed. The serendipity in between is, what we conclude, always a waste of time. 

What will you choose when travelling between Oslo and Bergen in Norway? Flight should be the fastest and regional train needs 7 hours!

The fact is efficiency is not always the king. In fact, the Bergen Railway has its own market with a variety of enjoyment like beautiful scenery during the trip, the great legroom in between seats, the cafe experience, hiking routes, connections to other famous lines and so on. The fare always standing high implies that many people prefer it to plane!

On air can save a lot of time, while we can be more intolerant in waiting for the destinations. Slow trains may not be the real king in this case, but the journey can let us rethink if we should insist on the so called 'goals', 'ends'. 'Means' can also be more options of 'ends' already available for us!

Alvin ChengNorway