Sleep first

Malmo, Sweden, 2017. 

Malmo, Sweden, 2017. 

While most people urge for more and more productivity by working harder and harder... endlessly, they almost forget sleeping is the most effective way to reallocate everything towards much better means and ends thanks to our Mother Nature!

Recently I am stuck in my life say possession, human relationships and any kinds of challenges. Thinking is my good friend as he can have some ideas for you. However relying too much can bring more troubles and noises. Sleeping is like a magic as it can fix everything automatically, and let you figure out the best solution more effectively!

I don't have any good sleeping habits as I stay awake late and wake up so early. I unconsciously avoid my boredom by using my smartphone so frequently however it can make me more tired with information overloaded.  When traveling overseas, I am easily falling into visiting as more sites as possible to prove my meaningful life.

I always forget to take a rest by getting rid of the life on the screen (looking for a solution or reply from someone). Before the best solution comes to my mind, my brain tells me (more and more frequently) to enjoy the time on the bed first. If I don't sleep well, everything can't work well.

It's a deal. But attractive! 

So, sleep first! Especially if you have no ideas.

Alvin ChengSweden