Light and colour

Copenhagen, 2017. 

Copenhagen, 2017. 

Without light, everything in the world is made impossible. One of the possibilities are colours of the things we can see due to the sun and electric light. The colours are from both the nature and ours. 


We are creative humans since we can create a (new) meaning to a colour. We can adjust it to darker or brighter and even mix another one to have a new! We sometimes decide to just put two or three together to have an atmosphere in a place. 


In the world where wooden materials have been applied in places like cafes, guests feel like staying in a comfortable area as we are trapped by man-made environment with information overloaded, and we have a stronger and stronger desire to go back to the Mother Nature, to escape from complicated reality. We feel exhausted and thus we want to calm down.

But it doesn't mean humans thus no longer need any emotions. We stop them from Facebook which can make us frustrated, but we need positive energy. 

Just arrived in Copenhagen and I found that green/blue colour is always the friend of wood. Wood brings us to a mind of tranquility, but the flow of water in the form of blue/green can let us refresh: getting rid of the waste accumulated in our body while being more energetic. I don't know if designers also have the same interpretation of the colours, but at least I am. 


I love colours, but I don't like they are abused, say in the smartphone apps. I think I have to study various colours in the world. Although I still don't know how to make use of them, creating a profile can be a try at this moment. 

Alvin ChengDenmark