When a kitchen does a magic


When asked what a kitchen is for, most people said it is to cook. 

I did observe kitchens in different places in different countries. In Hong Kong, the kitchens at home are so small that only mom can take a responsibility of cooking and no collaborations among family members are possible, or a mom cooking and another member washing dishes. The tiny space can't allow more interaction and harmony among family members in this way.  

In countries like Australia, kitchens are so spacious that others can come inside and do the job together. The area of cooking is boundless: even a mom can talk with others in the dining room when preparing for food.

In hostels with kitchens, it can be a place for starting conversations with strangers, at least, especially when you don't know how to use the stove, when you have difficulties in cutting a light-colour avocado; watching what others can cook especially when everyone tries to save money on travel. It's also for more social interaction and inspiration!

Not only kitchens, other places can serve more than the function as we think, and even more than social interaction and inspiration. It can be an unintended consequence, while you can design the space to allow more magic to happen.

If you don't own a space and want more magic to happen in your life, spend less time on your phone and go to more places to see if they can do the magic for you! 

Alvin ChengDenmark