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City walk as everyday's practice

Although my role was to be a 'travel guide', revisiting on foot, i.e. walking in the city, can always let me open my eyes and mind, by observing and discovering things you haven't noticed before, even I have been the exact there for so many times. Walking can also be a source of inspiration, imagination and creativity.

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Cafe: Sensory Zero

You're welcome to sense everything you like! Wong Chuk Hang, the southern part of Hong Kong Island, is a small industrial area. It used not to be an attractive place until there are more new cafes, creative spaces and a commercial tower. Sensory Zero is definitely one of them!

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Explore the local water pipe

It's a good idea to walk on the pipes. It should be safe to walk on as the pipes are big enough. It is unsafe because you feel unsafe. If you walk on it and fear you will fall from the pipe, you legs will shake and I think an accident will happen. But if you don't think walking on the pipe is a problem, everything is easy like the girls above.

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