Kai Fong Library (街坊書櫃), a little bookshelf library created by Tin Shui Wai residents

Kai Fong Library, Dec 2016

Kai Fong Library, Dec 2016

(Updated on 23 December 2016)

In Tin Shui Wai, there is a small bookcase to allow people to share their books and borrow other books. It is in fact a little free library, called Kai Fong Library (街坊書櫃).

If you live there, visiting the second largest library in Hong Kong to find something to read is a good idea. You will love it since there is a garden and rooftop so that you can enjoy reading.

However, it opens during daytime and closes at night. If you work during weekdays, you can’t use the library most of the time unless you come there on Saturday and Sunday.

The little bookcase can be a library. For me, a library is not necessarily an architecture and run by the government. The library, instead, can be created by people. It can also be 24 hours so that people can have books to read anytime.

We may wonder if it works well. I believe the people who make the bookcase don’t know what will happen next, that’s why they regard putting a case in the city as a kind of social experiment. In their Facebook, there are some POSITIVE accidents. Just look forward to something we don’t know, rather than judge its possibilities.


The above images show the current bookcase as of the end of 2016. As compared to the beginning as shown below, the simple wooden shelf has been a lot of changes. What I know from them is that the whole bookshelf had once been stolen, and all the books inside it are always taken by people. They never give up, getting a new bookcase with decoration and messages conveyed to residents what and why they are doing. They design a logo for the little library too!

When I visited there again in December 2016, the bookshelf was, unfortunately, empty. I didn't know how long my seven books would stay inside, as some people are so greedy, getting as much as they can, especially the free stuff. Citizens of Hong Kong needs to be educated about how to deal with them. As long as it is free, you will have to take as you really need, the same case as purchasing something; and to learn to consider other people as they may also need the books.

Seems that the situation of the bookshelf is so worrying, but everything can be changed within the following few years...

Kai Fong Library, Mar 2016

Kai Fong Library, Mar 2016


Transport: From Tin Shui Wai MTR Station, take 706 LRT to Tin Shui Station and walk for 5 to 10 minutes.