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A story about serendipity

A story about serendipity

On that day I planned to attend an event in a public space in Sheung Wan. However it was not what I thought. Thus I left shortly and saw what I could do this afternoon, like visiting any cafe nearby, or the one I usually go, or going back home to continue reading The Black Swan. When I walked on the street, I noticed there was a coffee shop for takeaway only, which did not meet my above expectations. But I suddenly missed the days when I had a cuppa in Australia, and I changed my mind and ended up loving this outstanding latte with latte art!

因為Facebook的一個上環文化廣場舉行的活動,所以從家裡乘車過去。可是該活動沒預期所願,於是走罷。會不會找個咖啡店,或是去鰂魚涌那邊、平常喝flat white的那家咖啡店,還是回家讀The Black Swan。往電車路的途中,看到一家只有外賣的咖啡店,本來不符我的需求,於是就罷,但又想到昔日在澳洲曾有外帶咖啡紙杯在街上的體驗,覺得其實這樣也好,結果回頭點了這杯既好喝、拉花又好的latte。 


So what’s next? The weather was nice at that moment and maybe I should take a bus to the waterfront of Kennedy Town, the west side of Hong Kong Island. While waiting, there was a bus, route 90B coming, and I heard the two pedestrians talking about it that that bus will go to Pok Fu Lam, the southern part of the island. Driven by curiosity I checked the route map of the bus stop, and found out ‘Pokfulam Village’, one of my to-go places that I still had’t been to. I changed my mind again in one second and hopped on that bus.

看到天氣好,所以想去堅尼地城有海那邊,候車途中來了一輛叫90B的巴士,路人說此車經過薄扶林,然後看了身旁的路線圖,有著「薄扶林村」——一個我曾經在筆記本寫過要去、但一直找不到時間到訪的地方(因為不論是Google Maps、Citymapper都說這地方有點說),用了不到一秒的時間,我改變了主意。 


When I checked transport apps like Google Maps and Citymapper, they told me the village was not easy to go. But Pokfulam Village is in fact so convenient that it is next to the bus stop.



I wandered in the village, and realized that it was near to Chi Fu Fa Yuen, a residential area which can be accessed by a single-trip bus from my home.

The roads in the village are open to the public, while houses are private. But you may find it difficult to distinguish between the two, and thus I was afraid I would disturb the residents there. A villager saw me but he welcomed me to visit the garden of his home, and even took photographs. We started our conversations. He shared with me about the village and showed me the tools used in the farms with cows long long time ago too!




This was not the first time visiting Chi Fu Fa Yuen, but this was the first time to find a place to have a nice view covering Wa Fu Estate with sea and Lamma Island, and sunset too!

「38 置富花園」,在家附近很常見的路線牌,置富花園不是很久以前到過了嗎?只是華富對面山上的一個私人屋苑,沒什麼特別。其實,這裡可以飽覽華富邨的全景,也可看到一點日落,尤其旁邊的薄扶林花園,賞景位置更佳。 

What you think is not necessarily the same as the reality. Wherever you go, you will find something worth seeing and noticing!

However, we are always bound to our social roles, possible negative consequences, others’ opinions and experiences and our so-called impression, which let us miss something more valuable than as expected.

Don’t get me wrong! I am not calling for getting rid of the above. Plan is sometimes useful. But they are not the only ways of life.

What I want to say is things always happen beyond everyone’s imagination. Life experience, reading and expertise can allow one to understand the world more on one hand, but there are still so many that one don’t know and even ignore on other hand. It is like when we know all swans are white while ignoring there are few black swans.

Just finished reading The Black Swan. Humans usually tend to figure out the rule of how the world works, and think they have already known everything on the earth. We don’t know what we don’t know (unknown unknowns).

We learn to set goals. We are forced to accept the notion that we can’t live without any action plan. But we are not willing to accept that the rapid changing world does always ruin our plans. If the goals are not accomplished, we fail. GAME OVER!

Should we let contingency enter our life? Should we still persist in looking for something particular, and the only way of doing like hardworking? 






正在讀The Black Swan這本書(不是那本大家所知道的小說),這種「自以為掌握了」源於人類的歸納習性。


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