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Peng Chau

Peng Chau is one of the islands in Hong Kong, which can be accessed from Central by ferry. Convenient as going to Cheung Chau and Lamma Island where they are more popular among tourists, although a TV drama long time ago had a story here.

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Ping Che - school, art and farm in a village

I didn't know a place called Ping Che (坪輋) in Hong Kong, until knowing that an art festival being held there. It is one of the villages located in northeast Hong Kong, and one of the places where you can escape from the bustling city, having a joy in such a simple life there! It's also a big venue for The Emptyscape Art Festival. The place which will be developed as a new town but seems to be postponed as planned, according to the information provided by Wikipedia.

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City walk in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

After the trekking a few days ago, we decided to walk in a city, and choose the place we used to think we were familiar with. It was actually a place where our secondary school was there. It is an important part of our life even though I didn't live there. However we were wrong as we still didn't know much about the area, and there have been great changes for long especially after we graduated.

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