Hong Kong is more than you think!

Hong Kong is a small but great city. For many people in the world, it is a metropolitan full of skyscrapers with high population, and it is a city in mainland China. It is more than that, as it gathers people, cultures and economies from all over the world. It's one of the important global economic centres in the world, which can be comparable to New York and London. We, have strong identity as Hongkongers rather than Chinese.

While rapid urbanisation is still going on, biodiversity and lovely natural views can be maintained in almost half of the city as the former British Hong Kong government designated the land as Country Park. Hongkongers are keeping eyes on the current government to ensure our natural uniqueness will not be destroyed.

Feel free to visit Hong Kong. Stay as long as you can.

The nature

Do you know? The city has at least 40% of land which is still with biodiversity. They are not only far from the city but also near to the CBD. Reaching the nature is not as difficult as we think. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to see!


Rather than having a target, hop on a transport vehicle and hop off until you want is also a good idea! Don't forget to walk too!

Have a great coffee

More and more independent coffee shops are located in the city. Some of the owners have visions so that they provide more than a great coffee.


Skyscrapers linking up with elevated and underground walkways as well as highways do not mean all. Old buildings and new special architecture can tell us more about the city.

Relax in the city

The fast-pace and crowded city still leaves the room for people to take a rest.