The meaning of having notebooks or journals

"I do think you can have a book published!" After reading my handwriting notebook.

I used to think I should have my notebook as beautiful as others I saw in terms of words and drawings, but now I realize that having a notebook is more than aesthetic meaning, or, it doesn't carry a standard!

A bookstore

Got an invitation card from Eslite, confirming that the Taiwanese bookstore company will have its third shop coming in January next year.

Hong Kong used to be taken over by few bookstore chains, with a few independent those located on the second or the third level of some buildings. In the independent bookstores, new books are always sold in a cheaper price, and there are a few, but not many, books only available there.

In a cafe

Visited the cafe I worked in before and brought coffee beans from Taichung to share with beloved colleagues and customers who really support us recently.