All in Life

Cycling in a city

Cycling is always a good idea when traveling, especially in a city without a comprehensive transport system. Even there is one, I still prefer it due to the experience said in a book Londoners, the sense of ownership.

On numbers

More and more numbers are everywhere in our daily lives, and we tend to believe that they are the objective indicators which can explain well what on the earth has been happening, and how we are.

Airplane mode is not only to save but gain

On the phone there is a function called ‘airplane mode’ with an plane icon that will turn off all the internet and telephone signals. Usually people tell you to turn airplane mode on as one of the battery saving tips, and during the flight to prevent signals from interrupting the plane you are taking. This icon seems to be reducing and even preventing risks that can affect us (no battery, flight accident), but I realize that it does gain more than save.

Your own life, your own way.

But if you are willing to look for it, there should a small hole with light and hope that your life can be truly better with happiness. Hong Kong is still an open city so that one can choose different kinds of messages and reminders other than the trend; so that you can visit other places as its airport has flights to most parts of the world, to understand others' values, lifestyles and thoughts, telling you no need to compare but to find your own way.

Picture books are good for you!

I can’t tell exactly how reading picture books can bring to everyone, especially in terms of one’s career. But why don’t we give us (or our children) a little bit time, say 30 to 60 minutes a day, to do that to see how we can benefit from the books?