All in Places

Visiting local bookstores

Visiting bookstores is one of my favourite things to do when I am traveling overseas. Maybe you say I can find all the books I need in my home Hong Kong, as an international city. I can tell you absolutely that it's not, and exploring local bookstores is always fun! Besides, I have recently got the habit of reading paper books even outside Hong Kong, and I still need to get books from the bookshops there.

A place with memories

AEON Style is a shopping mall not far away from my home. Since its opening in 1987, there has been a lot of changes, especially the recent renovation and redesign of space for shopping and dining. When I first visited the new one, besides enjoying the shopping experience, I did check if the magic clock, which started nearly three decades ago, was still inside.

Visiting stationery shops

For me, a stationery shop is not the place to purchase the products, but is the venus to understand locals’ life, especially that what writing tools the students are using, and what they are learning.

You still need to explore the place you think you are familiar with

When a Taiwanese asked me if there are any ways to climb up the Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island on foot, in which, for many Hong Kong people and tourists, it can usually be reached by public transport especially the peak tram, I told him I didn't know that much except that I knew there are routes to Aberdeen, the southern part of the island. A few days later, he messaged me that he did it, and the time was just about 40-60 minutes.

A bookstore

Got an invitation card from Eslite, confirming that the Taiwanese bookstore company will have its third shop coming in January next year.

Hong Kong used to be taken over by few bookstore chains, with a few independent those located on the second or the third level of some buildings. In the independent bookstores, new books are always sold in a cheaper price, and there are a few, but not many, books only available there.